Cyberpunk has a long history on PC. That makes sense when you consider computers are a primary tool used by hackers, state agents, etc. in many of the genre’s greatest stories. The PC is itself a piece of cyberpunkery. For me personally, my love of cyberpunk and my love of computing are intertwined. I grew up reading and watching media related to the genre which in turn got me interested in technology. Learning more about coding and computing led me back into the world of cyberpunk and inspired me to further explore the genre and its nuances.

So the PC certainly feels like a natural fit for cyberpunk gaming. I imagine a developer who would make a game in that genre may have had a comparable experience. And indeed there have been quite a lot of cyberpunk games released over the last few decades, a lot of gems among them. PC Gamer’s Andy Kelly has compiled a list of what he feels are the best.

Many of the entries I would include in my own list. Barring some notable absences like VA-11 Hall-A and Axiom Verge (yep, I consider AV cyberpunk!), it’s a fantastic list. I am especially glad Andy included the 1997 point and click adventure game Blade Runner. It’s not a game you hear much about any more but it is a wonderful adventure game set in the world of the film. Like the Blade Runner 2049 sequel film, it succeeds in adding extremely viable narrative substance to the world Philip K. Dick created. While it’s easy to be inspired by PKD, it’s not quite as easy to create something that he himself may have created.

At some point, I’d like to compile my own list of cyberpunk gaming gems for TIR. But for now, this is a good list and I highly recommend every single game on it.

[via PC Gamer]

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