Tales of the Neon Sea

Tales of the Neon Sea Is an Upcoming Chinese Cyberpunk Adventure Game and It’s Beautiful

Tales of the Neon Sea is an upcoming cyberpunk detective adventure set in a futuristic Chinese citycscape. The game is the latest in a wonderful modern resurgence of the point-and-click genre and it just looks so damn cool.

If there are two things I am a sucker for, they are pixel art and cyberpunk. Combine them in a game and I’m pretty much guaranteed to fork over the requested amount of cash for it. The upcoming game Tales of the Neon Sea from Chinese indie developer Palm Pioneer has that. It has a lot of that. And it looks beautiful. But there is actually a lot more to Tales of the Neon Sea than that.

VentureBeat’s Stephanie Chan discusses the small studio’s love of cyberpunk and how they have found inspiration from classic works of the genre as well as modern-day urban China during the country’s economic boom. The article also discusses the growing indie game development scene in China and the rapid proliferation of gaming services like Steam there.

As for the game itself, it’s looking fantastic. It’s a point-and-click style adventure game set in a futuristic China cityscape with tons of neon lights juxtaposed against ancient Chinese architecture. It definitely has the potential to scratch that cyberpunk point-and-click itch. The game follows a recent upsurge of fantastic titles in this vein, such as Technobabylon and The Red Strings Club.

The addition of a futuristic Chinese aesthetic definitely adds a unique flavor and I’m really looking forward to embarking in its world. The game is slated to be released sometime this summer. It’s being published by Zodiac Interactive. Look for a review on this site sometime after it’s release!

Source: VentureBeat


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