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Anon is an Upcoming Film About How Privacy and Anonymity Is a Criminal Offense

Anon, a cyberpunk thriller directed by Andrew Niccol, in which online privacy and anonymity is against the law, seems like it could pretty much take place now, in reality. This will likely make the film hit close to home in ways few future-dystopian films have.

Anon is an upcoming science fiction thriller directed by Gattaca director Andrew Niccol in which personal privacy is in fact a criminal offense. In a world where there is no crime, because there is no way to hide from government surveillance, a murder is committed by someone who can’t be identified.

Police detective Sal Frieland, played by Clive Owen is commissioned to solve the crime but things take an unexpected turn when he encounters a woman (Amanda Seyfried) who is seemingly able to hide from the surveillance technology he is equipped with.

For those familiar with cyberpunk and future-dystopian fiction, the core concept of Anon is not exactly new. But it seems to be very timely given the very real concerns over government surveillance and online privacy in the present day.

While not new, it looks like a potentially very fresh, and unsettling take on the idea.

Anon hits theaters in the UK on May 11th. In the US the film is going to be distributed via Netflix with an unknown release date.


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