Sign me up immediately for this. Stardew Valley publisher Chucklefish is teaming up with a small Shanhai-based game developer called Pixpil Games to bring us a very interesting-looking game called Eastward. According to its page on Chucklefish’s website, Eastward is an adventure game with RPG elements inspired by the Legend of Zelda and Mother series. It’s beautiful visual style is based on post-apocalyptic pixel art by artist Hong Moran and is inspired by 90’s anime.

In the not-too-distant future, the world around is falling to ruin, as the human population shrinks to an all-time low. You play as a hardworking digger named John, who discovers a mysterious young girl in a secret facility underneath his digging site. After being exiled from his village, John must guide this girl through dangerous decaying cities, inhabited by hordes of monsters and a quirky cast of characters!

The above premise was enough to make me audibly shout “give it to me now!” which got me some strange looks. But then I saw the trailer.

Yeah. Give it to me now.

The  story of Eastward revolves around an old man named John who is exiled from his village and encounters a young girl named Sam. The two then embark on an adventure through wrecked, decaying cities and other post-apocalyptic landscapes. We don’t know much else about the story yet but it sounds extremely promising.

According to Chucklefish, the game is currently planned to be released PC and Mac at the very least. I’m hoping for console ports, which Chucklefish has stated they are definitely open to. There is also no information about a release date as of yet.

I’ll post more info on this as I get it. For now though this is looking to be very much my jam.

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