Redo! is a bleak and slow-paced metroidvania that just recently made it’s way onto Steam Early Access and Lone developer Robson Paiva has stated that the game is essentially complete and that the only reason it’s currently in early access is to add some additional tweaking. So we can look forward to a launch soon.

The character’s movements are interestingly slow-paced, which in any other game I might see as a negative, or even a design flaw. But here, it seems to be intentional. And I don’t mind at all. The creepy, broken down environments are begging to be experienced and explored at a slower pace. It also lends a little more humanity to the main protagonist. She is not an over-powered cybernetic being. She’s a human person put into a difficult, life-threatening scenario.

I’m a lone gamedev working on: REDO! – Dark Sci-Fi Metroidvania inspired by the works of Tsutomu Nihei, Lovecraft and others. REDO! is a game about a girl trying to find another human in a dystopian world overrun by biomachines. It’s a lonely and evocative game about exploring the unknown and overcoming obstacles to see what is left.

Robson Paiva via

The game follows a girl looking for someone, anyone, in a world that has been ravaged by cybernetic beings. As she explores the bleak, hostile environments, she encounters strange bio-mechanical beings bent on her destruction. These are not your typical robots, they are something a bit more twisted-looking.

An example of Redo!‘s destroyed environments and strange bio-mechanical enemies.

The game can be purchased now for a mere $9.99/£7.19/€8.19 on Steam or on I look forward to diving into this dark, depressing adventure to find out if there is any chance at all of a happy ending, or if it takes a realist approach and leaves you as truly the last of a human race about to become extinct.

There have been a plethora of metroidvania-styled games recently. So many in fact that it’s starting to get tough to keep up with. Many of them just fly under my radar because they look bland or generic, with the occasional gem shining among them. Redo! seems like just such a gem.

A dusty, dark, bleak gem.

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