Square Enix just gave us our first new look at the Final Fantasy VII: Remake in years. The trailer, revealed during Sony’s State of Play presentation today, reminds us that the game is still in development and that it will eventually be released someday. And it’s going to be good! At least judging by the trailer, anyway.

It does look beautiful, and it’s good to see that the Midgar sequence is looking as cyberpunk as ever. Maybe even more so. The updated visuals bring the city to life in a way I wasn’t quite prepared for. And it looks glorious.

There was previously some doubt over whether or not the game would ever see the light of day. It’s production encountered some turbulence as Square Enix took development away from third party studio CyberConnect2 to be continued in-house by Square Enix directly.

We do not know how this has affected the game as it currently exists now. The only thing we know is that it is still in active development and it is looking pretty fantastic.

Square Enix has said that they will reveal more details this June.

[Via State of Play]

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