Flux is an interesting collection of interconnected mini games that all take place in a nice-looking cyberpunk cityscape, previously released on Itch.io. And now, it’s also out on Steam.

Developed by indie dev Mars Ashton, Flux combines different genres into one game. According to the developer, Flux is a typing game, a fidget game, and RPG, a beat ’em up, rhythm game, etc.

You play as Wanderer, an ex-military courier who spends their time, yes wandering, around the sprawling technologically advanced city to complete jobs. The different jobs are different game genres. And by playing each different genre, you are advancing the time in the game and the plot.

FLUX presents a variety of experiences: Interactive fiction and a series of mini-games that challenge you to type, hack-n-slash, organize or fidget to maintain speed, volume and maximize your rewards to earn cosmetic-buying in-game credits. Designed to allow players to alternate between chill and twitch-based game modes, the game provides players with a number of activities to engage with.​


While playing through the game you are also engaging in a long distance relationship with Wanderer’s love interest, Mulberry, with whom you work opposite shifts. As you advance through the game, you exchange messages with Mulberry and learn more about the other person.

I haven’t had a chance to play this game yet but it seems like an intriguing way to play different genres of games that I probably wouldn’t otherwise play. I do love the pixelated cyberpunk aesthetic of the visuals.

Flux allows you to play many different genres of games set amidst an interesting cyberpunk city

Flux is out today on Steam for $6.99 and is also available on Itch.io. Have you played this yet? Comment below and let me know, I’m very curious what you think about it.

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