Cyberpunk and space opera are two science fiction genres that are often aesthetically at odds with one another. One typically set in gritty, neon-lit futuristic cities, the other amidst the deep of space and upon a multitude of intergalactic locations and planets.

However, Blood Machines—a Kickstarter-backed independent film—promises to combine the two seamlessly into what looks like a compelling, intense, synthwave-driven, 80s-inspired adrenaline rush of a film.

The film, directed by Seth Ickerman, is a thematic sequel to synthwave artist Carpenter Brut’s music video for “Turbo Killer.” The plot follows two space pilots’ encounter with what appears to be apparition or ghost of a woman coming out of a machine and leading them on an intergalactic chase as they attempt to figure out who, or what she is.

The French-made film promises tons of cyberpunk set amidst those aforementioned futuristic cities. The directors even state in the Kickstarter launch video that the film thematically starts where Blade Runner left off. I find this statement very interesting and I’m looking forward to learning more about it.

Blood Machines’ soundtrack will of course be composed by Carpenter Brut, one of the leading artists in the burgeoning synwave scene. Which goes without saying that this means the soundtrack will be amazing.

The film, initially proposed to be 30 minutes long, is now set to be 50 minutes in length thanks to the success of the Kickstarter campaign. We don’t have a release date for this yet but the film made it’s debut in the United States at the Fantastic Fest film festival.

Also mentioned in the Kickstarter video is that the Blood Machines production is working with a particular streaming service to bring the film to the masses. We have yet to find out which streaming service that is but this looks like it will be worth a watch wherever it ends up.

[via io9]

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