Origins of Cyberpunk

Check Out This Very Nice Documentary on the Origins of Cyberpunk

The Origins of Cyberpunk talks about the history of the genre and how it came into being and it's surge in popularity in the 1980's

If you’ve been a fan of the cybeprunk genre for any length of time, the genre’s origins are probably already well known to you. But with the highly publicized and anticipated release of Cyberpunk 2077, there are no doubt a lot of new fans of the genre. And perhaps a lot of people simply curious about what it is exactly. Fortunately for them YouTube channel Indigo Gaming has posted what seems to be a fairly competent documentary on the origins of the cyberpunk genre called “The Origins of Cyberpunk.”

“The Origins of Cyberpunk” is a very well produced documentary. It discusses all the popular touchpoints through which people have come into contact with the genre over the years, starting with Philip K. Dick and its surge in popularity throughout the 1980’s. The documentary concludes with the end of the 1980’s. But since this is listed as part 1, it is reasonable to assume there will be additional chapters that discuss the very interesting decade for cyberpunk that was the 90’s.

The documentary is approximately 48 minutes in length and serves as a good starting off point for you if you are curious about just how this genre came into being. Or if you are simply looking for ideas on what to read or watch if you are just getting into the genre.

There is a vast amount of content in the cyberpunk world and “The Origins of Cyberpunk” tackles a mere fraction of it, but it does it quite well.

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