According to Ubisoft, Watch Dogs: Legion is launching on next-generation consoles starting on November 10th. It was previously announced that the game would be launching on Xbox One and Playstation 4 on October 29th as well as on Stadia, Uplay, and the Epic Games Store. Consumers who purchase the game on Xbox One or Playstation 4 will have the option to upgrade to the XBOX Series X/S or the Playstation 5 version for free later.

The November 10th date is only for Xbox Series X and S. The Playstation 5 version will be released sometime after this date. As of right now we do not have a specific date.

Watch Dogs: Legion is the third and latest installment of Ubisoft’s popular Watch Dogs series. Legion takes place in a fictionalized version of London. The game follows the London wing of hacker group DedSec as they attempt to recruit anyone and everyone possible to help take down London’s surveillance state.

It is time to take back London, and anyone you see in this iconic city can be recruited to your resistance. Corrupt opportunists have taken over and it’s up to you to build a resistance to give the city back to the people. With an entire population of potential recruits and the city’s technology at your fingertips, you’ll need to hack, infiltrate, and fight your way to liberate London. Welcome to the Resistance.


We’ll keep you posted once we have a release date for the Playstation 5 version of this game. Hopefully PS5 fans won’t have too long to wait. But, you can always get it for your PS4 and upgrade for free, so that’s pretty nice.

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