Cloudpunk was released earlier this year for PC on Steam. The game was very well received and currently enjoys an 88% Very Positive rating from users on the platform, out of approximately four thousand reviews. The game was also well reviewed from several media outlets.

But if you’re more of a console gamer and haven’t had a chance to play this interesting game, you’re in luck. Cloudpunk is coming to consoles next week on October 15th. It is currently up for pre-order on Switch, Playstation, and Xbox.

In Cloudpunk, you play as Rania, a courier who just got a job at the “semi-legal” delivery service, also called Cloudpunk. The game takes place in Nivalis, a huge city that stretches hundreds of miles into the sky. Over the course of the game, you will meet a diverse set of characters, from shady humans, to robots, and AI.

The game has an exploration focus, letting you freely go about the vast city and solve various mysteries during your deliveries. You do this either in vehicles or on foot. You will encounter characters from all levels of the world’s society and interact with them. Decisions you make in the game will affect the outcome of the characters lives.

The hovercar segments in Cloudpunk remind us of those in Blade Runner which was undoubtedly an influence. Even if you don’t pursue any story elements, it is fun to just roam about this beautiful futuristic city and experience the environments. I look forward to doing the same in the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077, but for now this is a good way to get your fill of open-world cyberpunk city environments until that game arrives later on.

Personally I’m looking forward to having this game on Switch, and it should be interesting to see how sales compare between the platforms.

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