Wild Dose is an upcoming first-person, low-poly adventure game from French developer Lappi Soft. In the game, planet Earth is one big city, ruled by mega-corporations that have replaced traditional government. The result is a hellish, capitalism-driven society that forges an industry geared towards simply escaping from it all. This escape comes in the form of “cyberdrugs,” virtual environments that are delivered directly from the cloud to neural implants in your brain.

You explore these virtual worlds, which resemble various outdoor and natural environments with the help of an AI assistant named Nora. You develop a relationship with Nora throughout the game as you explore.

The city of Eleftheria, a sprawling dystopia where you spend the "real life" segments of Wild Dose
The city of Eleftheria, a sprawling dystopia where you spend the “real life” segments of Wild Dose

These cyberdrugs are legal but there are also illegal forms that you can acquire, the most dangerous of which is the titular Wild Dose. When outside of the virtual worlds you explore the real-world, dystopian city of Eleftheria. As you do so you get to know the citizens, take on tasks, or even rebel against the forces that be.

The future, tomorrow… Earth has become a giant city, private corporations have replaced governments and public services. To escape from this urban hell, people seek refuge in legal cyberdrugs, delivered directly from networks to their neural implants. Hackers also deal illegal versions of these drugs. The deadliest one is called Wild Dose.

Wild Dose Kickstarter Page

Wild Dose just went live on Kickstarter with an initial base goal of $8,500 to complete the game. There are some very noteworthy stretch goals as well, including the game’s official soundtrack DLC and ports of the game for Linux, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and Mac.

One of the virtual worlds of Wild Dose that you get to explore when under the influence of the game's cyberdrugs.
One of the virtual worlds you get to explore when under the influence of the game’s cyberdrugs.

The whole thing sounds really interesting. And it’s blend of neon-lit cityscapes and low-poly replications of natural outdoor environments is not something I can say I’ve seen before. You can wishlist the game on Steam right now.

You can also play the first chapter, Wild Dose: First Session for free if you’d like to get a little taste of how the game plays. As of the writing of this article the Kickstarter is already close to being halfway funded. If this sounds interesting to you, consider backing it. I need that Switch port!

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