The femme fatale concept has been around for ages, but it’s never looked this muscular before. And that is a good thing. In fact it’s the entire point of Miss Mass, an upcoming cyberpunk comic series that depicts the women protagonists as extremely strong, both physically and mentally. Their quest, to take down the men who ruthlessly rule the one and only city on Earth, Adamius City.

Following an alien invasion, these men used the idea that weaknesses in society led to the invasion as an excuse to round up those who were different from “normal” people. Eventually this led to blaming women for the pervasive weakness that allowed the invasion to take place. The intent being to dominate and suppress women. You know like the rest of humanity’s sucky history.

┬áThe events in MISS MASS #1, called “The Dame In Black”, take place on July 4th, 33 AW, on a Friday night in Adamius City. An illusive vigilante known as Highshade is patrolling the streets of the hottest part of the city, the Min District, as a woman in black makes an escape from one of the elite sex clubs, having the club security goons chase her with guns through the city blocks. As any proper hero, Highshade does not hesitate to get involved and rushes to the rescue. But who really is this woman she’s trying to help? How is she even out on these streets? After all, everyone in Adamius City knows the law – “FEMALES ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE OUTSIDE WITHOUT THEIR OWNERS. NOR SHOULD THEY BE CAPABLE OF DOING SO”

Miss Mass #1 Kickstarter Page

The whole thing is summarized in an animated short called Miss Mass #0. The video provides the basic backstory of the comic’s world:

Miss Mass #1: The Dame in Black is the first full volume of the comic and it’s being funded on Kickstarter right at this moment. As of the writing of this article, the campaign has funded nearly $7,000 of it’s $13,000 base goal.

The project is spearheaded by Aram and Anna Khachatryan who established the Miss Mass name as a women’s fitness fashion brand. The clothing was designed around a comic universe that did not yet exist. Assuming it reaches it’s funding goal, now it will.

The comic looks beautiful, thanks to the creative team established to create it. Which includes artists and designers that have worked with DC, Marvel, and Image Comics, among others. The story and premise sound extremely promising as well.

So if you’re not afraid of strong women and think they deserve their own badass cyberpunk comic, now is your chance to help make it a reality.

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