CZARINA is no stranger to cyberpunk. The dark electro/synthwave artist has released several songs with cyberpunk, cybernetic, tech-noir, and post-human themes over the last few years. And she is back with another cool-looking and sounding track called “Atomic: Ad Initivm.”

The video that accompanies the track explores more of the visually spectacular post-humanism we have come to expect from her. CZARINA is known for blending various parts of the dark music spectrum into her signature sound. This includes synthwave, dark pop, trip-hop, post-punk, and industrial. “Atomic: Ad Initivm” sounds like it borrows even more from post-punk and darkened electro-clash end of the spectrum.

As you can see, the moody video for “Atomic: Ad Initivm” utilizes imagery that calls to mind classic cyberpunk properties like Ghost in the Shell and Akira. The specific genre CZARINA’s music belongs to is difficult to pin down. This is just another thing we love about it, however.

CZARINA’s unique soundscape seamlessly melds electronic with organic sounds, transcending a vast spectrum of genres including progressive synths, art rock, future pop, cyberpunk, industrial, trip hop, post-punk and darkwave.

-CZARINA Official Website

CZARINA (usually sylized C Z A R I N A) is an American artist based in both Spain and the UK. She is well known and well respected in the synthwave and electronic music scene. She is part of the darkTunes music group in Europe.

If you like “Atomic: Ad Initivm,” there are a variety of ways to acquire it. CZARINA is known for creating high-concept artistic videos with a cyberpunk aesthetic. If you’d like to see more of what she has done, her beautifully-designed official website has all her previous work available for your consumption.

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