2064: Read Only Memories was a surprise hit when it was released back in 2015. It was greeted with a lot of critical acclaim for its beautiful art, a deep well written story, and memorable characters. It’s popularity only increased when it was released on the Switch a few years later. It’s sequel, Read Only Memories: Neurodiver, has been in development for some time. And we finally have a bit more information about its upcoming release.

Neurodiver was originally slated for release in 2020, and had been previously announced for Steam, Xbox One, and PS4. Now developer and publisher MidBoss has announced that the game will also be coming to the Epic Games Store, Playstation 5, and Nintendo Switch. In addition, a demo for Neurodiver is now available on Steam as well as Epic Games Store.

Explore the corrupted memories of a colorful cast of diverse locals to track down an elusive psychic menace known only as the Golden Butterfly. Equipped with her trusty Neurodiver, ES88 must dive into and follow Golden Butterfly through the victims’ minds in hopes of capturing Golden before they can further corrupt and distort people’s memories into oblivion.

-Press release
Dive into victims’ corrupted memories in order to track down Golden Butterfly

Read Only Memories: Neurodiver is due to be released in the first quarter of 2022. In addition to Neurodiver, MidBoss has plans to release a trade paperback collection of the Read Only Memories comic series published by IDW comics. The comic serves as a sort of interquel, taking place between 2064: Read Only Memories and the upcoming Neurodiver.

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