To say that Metroid Prime is beloved amongst Metroid fans would be an understatement. The game, first released on Nintendo GameCube in 2002, is considered one of the best in the series and the first to push the Metroid franchise away from it’s 2D platforming roots. Thanks to the brilliant work of Retro Studios, Metroid was perfectly adapted as a first person adventure game. And now Prime 2D aims to take the game and demake it back to it’s 2D roots.

While Metroid Prime is loved among most Metroid fans, there are those who still prefer it as a 2D series. A group of dedicated Metroid fans and clearly very talented developers have been busy making Prime 2D a real thing. So real in fact that there is a demo that you can download and play right now.

The demo is visually stunning, capturing the aesthetic of Metroid Prime perfectly while also changing literally everything else about it in its transition to 2D. It looks like a solid, retro-styled Metroid platformer game akin to Zero Mission or fellow fan-game AM2R.

The demo allows you to explore some of the Talon Overworld and features some of the power-ups available to Samus in Metroid Prime and the ability to scan the environment with the power suit’s visor. And, I need to say again that this is just absolutely gorgeous. I mean, just *chef’s kiss* beautiful in every way.

The development team, calling themselves Team SCU, has opted to keep the Metroid name out of the title (for obvious reasons). Assuming the inevitable cease and desist is issued soon, you might want to grab this this demo while it’s available and easy to find.

And if Prime 2D does get the C&D treatment from Nintendo, we are really looking forward to whatever this game becomes when it gets reskinned. Or whatever else these talented folks make in the future. Team SCU, whoever they are, is worth keeping an eye on we think.

[Source: Metroid Database]

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