The Sundew

The Sundew Is a New Point and Click Adventure Coming to Switch and Steam

Paying homage to the best point and click adventures of the past, the game is due out on October 14th on Switch and PC.

The Sundew is an upcoming point and click adventure game being developed by French indie studio 2054 Games. The game is the latest in a delightful influx of cyberpunk point and clicks that take visual inspiration from the best games of the genre from 80’s and 90’s, updated with modern mechanics and storeytelling.

In The Sundew, you play the role of Anna Isobe, a cybernetic cop in a future-dystopian Japan. The game takes place after a devastating war that has left the world in a devastated, twisted state. The main setting is a city in Japan called Shibukawa, one of the only thriving places left in the world.

In this dark future, cybernetically enhanced humans have become taboo, replaced by robots and drones that make your job to serve the community, such as it is, very difficult and challenging. Story-wise The Sundew seems to tackle contemporary social issues while visually paying tribute to the point and click adventures of the past from Sierra and Lucas Arts.

The Sundew pays homage to classic adventure games of old while reflecting contemporary issues and gameplay. Beautifully drawn pixel-art and stunning sound design brings this dark future to life and grounds you in a vision of humanity’s progress that is both alien and strangely familiar…

-Press Release

The Sundew once again shows that the point and click adventure genre lends itself well to cyberpunk. The story-rich aspects of the genre allow for mood and atmosphere as well as the opportunity to explore social commentary and ethical decision making.

The Sundew is coming soon, due out on October 14th on Nintendo Switch and Windows/Linux on PC via Steam. It is being developed and published by 2054 Games.


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