The cyberdeck, as many visitors to this blog are probably aware, originates from William Gibson’s Sprawl trilogy. It was the name given to the portable computers used by hackers in that universe. The idea has since been borrowed by countless other authors. It’s also appeared in video games, movies, and other media.

In recent years, the cyberdeck has made it’s way to the maker community as well. Custom cyberdecks have become somewhat of a popular project. And with the availability of cheaper and easier to acquire modular computers and components, like the Raspberry Pi, it’s only continued to grow in popularity.

And a Raspberry Pi is just what Twitter and Instagram user terminal_junkie used to create their own custom cyberdeck to pay homage to the cyberpunk godfather.

I’ve seen a lot of retro-styled cyberdecks that truly emulate the visual style you’d assume they would have in a cyberpunk novel from 1984. This one however has a distinctly modern, made in 2021 look. Which still looks a bit retro somehow. Either way, it’s beautiful and truly looks like a thing a hacker from Neuromancer and related works would use in today’s world.

Aside from the Raspberry Pi, terminal_junkie used the PocketType keyboard by MechBoards, and a single 8.8 inch LCD display they found on Amazon. The result is a fully functional, portable, and attractive cyberdeck.

If you like what you see here, be sure to give terminal_junkie a follow over on Twitter or on their Instagram, where they have posted many more pictures of their amazing projects.

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