Free League, the publisher behind the popular Alien and upcoming Blade Runner table top RPGs, and developer Stockholm Kartell, announced today that a cyberpunk-themed spinoff of their MÖRK BORG game called CY_BORG is in development.

CY_BORG seems aesthetically similar to MÖRK BORG. It looks dark and gritty, but with a lot less doom/black metal and a lot more industiral/techno-punk. Rather than a doomy apocalyptic setting, the game will take place in a futuristic dystopia which is. . .also doomy and apocalyptic, actually. And in fact Free League has stated that the game is compatible with MÖRK BORG.

CY_BORG will be funded via an upcoming Kickstarter campaign. So if you like TTRPGs and you are into this type of aesthetic, which I assume you are as a reader of this blog, you can head there now to sign up to be notified for when the Kickstarter goes live.

CY_BORG is a cyberpunk spinoff game based on and compatible with multi-award-winning apocalyptic heavy metal RPG MÖRK BORG. This is to noise, industrial and underground hiphop what MÖRK BORG is to doom and black metal. Rules-light, rage-heavy. A fever-dream of tech, punk and fury. Of fighting a failed future. A deck-hacking, brick-throwing upheaval of a game.

-Press Release

As I’ve said before, I’m not a TTRPG person, but CY_BORG along with the previously announced Blade Runner game might get me to finally dive in to one. Or two now, I guess.

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