One of our favorite bands, Rabbit Junk, has returned and released a new song titled “Denature.” The song is a heavy, adrenaline-fueled, angsty ride through the mind of someone trying to separate themselves from a predetermined identity and choosing to be who they want to be instead.

The husband and wife duo from Seattle has heavily leaned into the cyberpunk theme since their initial return after a long hiatus a few years back and released a bunch of successful single tracks since then.

Their music can best be described as industrial metal but they incorporate everything from punk to drum n’ bass to create a frenzied, intense sound that seems to fit the cyberpunk theme perfectly. “Denature” is the perfect example of their signature sound which incorporates all of these styles and more.

The best part of Rabbit Junk is that they don’t take themselves too seriously. And they seem to really have fun with what they are doing. Even an angst-driven song like “Denature” is a truly fun listen. Their sense of humor shines through, even if the lyrics themselves aren’t humorous. The light-hearted approach of their sound is refreshing and enjoyable.

If you have never listened to Rabbit Junk, check out “Denature” above. It perfectly illustrates what I love about this band. You can buy the single over at their Bandcamp page as well as browse all of their other fantastic releases.

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