Way back in the ancient year of 2017, The Last Night was revealed at E3 with a stunning trailer that got a lot of folks excited, ourselves included. Developed by indie studio Odd Tales, the game’s art was beautiful, depicting a truly interesting cyberpunk world the likes of which hadn’t been seen much in video games by that point. The art paired with stunning animation and interesting plot ideas instantly made The Last Night one of the highlights of that year’s E3.

Unfortunately that excitement died off pretty quickly when the game became mired in controversy related to tweets by director Tim Soret in the even more ancient year of 2014, for which he apologized. The game’s publisher Raw Fury initially accepted his apology (while also rightly condemning the tweets) and stood by the studio but later parted ways with it.

I don’t really want to talk too much about that whole. . .thing. But it is unfortunately impossible not to mention as this game’s fate is irreversibly intertwined with these events. Raw Fury’s departure gave publishing rights for The Last Night back to Odd Tales. That was in the ancient year of 2018. Since then, nothing has been heard of the project. This is likely due to financial issues related to the game losing its publisher. This was more or less confirmed in the ancient year 2019.

However rumors began circulating this week that the game would be revealed at the upcoming The Game Awards for some reason. The rumors were shot down by Soret himself in response to an email sent to him by PC Gamer. “This is just a rumor—The Last Night will be shown next year, not before.”

So it looks like The Last Night is alive and we may see more of it in 2022. Whether you find that exciting or not is your personal choice. But nevertheless it is interesting to find out that the game is still being produced after not hearing anything for so long.

[Source: PC Gamer via Rock Paper Shotgun]

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