Electronic ambient artist Beyond the Ghost has released a future-dystopian album called Sundown. The album is the third in their Europa series of albums and continues its future-dystopian Europe concept introduced by the first two albums.

The album merges both electronic and acoustic ambient instrumentation to pull off its dystopian soundscape, which despite its dark theme is actually pretty relaxing. It’s not completely instrumental as some songs feature the ethereal vocals of singer Capucine Meens. The fusion of the instrumentation and Meens’ otherworldly voice gives this album plenty of the narrative substance it needs to allow the story to unfold in your mind as you listen.

Rome, the year is 2062. The whole of Europe has been falling apart for 2 years now. No one is quite sure what war even means at this point. In Rome, a few dozen soldiers of The Alliance fight against small groups of citizens who joined the resistance. Those who are too scared just hide away in bombed-out houses, starving to death, losing their mind. A city that was once beautiful has become the stage for an absurd tragedy of power struggles gone awry. As the sun sets over the Colosseum, a few gunshots and screams echo in the dead of night, the final tremors of a derelict world crumbling to nothingness.

-Sundown’s Bandcamp Page

Sundown is being released by Oregon-based ambient record label Cryo Chamber, who also published Beyond the Ghost’s previous efforts in this series. The album consists of 9 tracks and can be purchased from the label’s Bandcamp page.

If you find this music and concept interesting, the first two albums The Last Resort and The Desolation Age can also be found on Cryo Chamber’s Bandcamp page. The pages for all three albums contain a visualizer for a song on the album featuring the beautiful artwork of artist Simon Heath, who is also the founder of the Cryo Chamber label. You can see the visualizer for Sundown below.

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