City Wars: Tokyo Reign is an upcoming cyberpunk card battle game by developer/publisher Mojo Bones. The game was released in Steam Early Access yesterday. While City Wars: Tokyo Reign is still in development and only has a couple of reviews on Steam, they’re mostly positive so far.

But in addition to the game being released in early access, the City Wars: Tokyo Reign soundtrack was also released yesterday. And it is a delightfully light-hearted, albeit short, album full of 80’s-style cheesy synth pads and pulsating electronic rhythms.

City Wars: Tokyo Reign was composed by none other than longtime synthwave guru Mitch Murder, who was tapped to work on the game’s score by Mojo Bones. Not a bad choice if you ask me. Mitch Murder’s whole schtick is 80’s cheese (in the best way possible). And what you have here is much of his typical style but with a nice cyberpunk aesthetic.

The tracks go back and forth between relaxing, atmospheric pieces to pulsating heavy synth loops and dance beats. There are a few loungey pieces in here too, giving the whole thing an all around eclectic hybrid of various 80’s electronic styles of music.

The City Wars: Tokyo Reign soundtrack is a fun listen if you want some nice cyberpunk background music while you hack your way through some mega-corporation’s network mainframe. Or whatever else you happen to be doing.

The album is short with eleven tracks clocking in on an average of two minutes each. The album can be purchased from Mitch Murder’s Bandcamp page for whatever you want (you can name your price). Mitch Murder has also put the entire album up on YouTube:

Meanwhile, City Wars: Tokyo Reign the game can be purchased on Steam Early Access. Currently the game is at a 25% discount so you can get it for $18.74. Since it’s in Early Access, the game is obviously still being developed but Mojo Bones has a pretty good track record so it’s not a huge risk if you want to get in early.

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