Well this is something that I’ve been waiting many years to hear. After a many years-long wait, Ghost Song finally has a release date! The game was initially funded on Kickstarter back in 2013 and for various reasons ran into many delays. Earlier this year developer Old Moon announced that the game was on track for a 2022 release and had a publisher, Humble Games. Now, it’s been announced that this beautiful metroidvania will be released on November 3rd. That is not long at all! Especially after 9 years. Take a look at the announcement trailer below.

Ghost Song is coming November 3rd

Based on the trailer above and some of the screenshots I’ve seen recently, it appears that time has been kind to Ghost Song. Extremely kind. The game, while always looking good even back in 2013, looks gorgeous as it nears completion. It so far looks like one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever seen and I couldn’t be more excited for its release.

On the desolate moon of Lorian, a long-dormant Deadsuit awakens from slumber—armed and combat-ready, memory clear of purpose. But something new is stirring…

Strike out beneath the surface in search of answers in Ghost Song, an atmospheric 2D adventure of self-discovery, ancient mysteries, and cosmic terror. Explore winding caverns lit only by bioluminescent flora, battle strange and powerful creatures, and acquire new abilities to help you unearth this alien world’s long-buried secrets.

Descend deep into the darkness—only then will you learn (or is it remember?) the truth.

Ghost Song Steam Page

One thing that has always struck me about Ghost Song is its unique sci-fi horror aesthetic. It looks on the one had like it is very Metroid-like. It is very sci-fi. You are exploring a desolate alien planet, acquiring weapons and upgrades to your space suit, etc. But on the other hand, there seems to be some sort of mysterious paranormal aspect to this that gives it some enormously creepy vibes. Cosmic terror indeed. And I am here for it.

Ghost Song is coming to a variety of platforms including Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5, and PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store. It’s also coming in the heart of Castlevania season, so I’ll have to divide my time between it and my yearly Castlevania marathon. It’s likely going to prove difficult not to give this my full attention, though. I cannot wait to unravel the mysteries of this strange world.

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