While there have been many efforts to document the history of the Metroid series, not many have dared to not only document the main games in the series, but also offshoots and fan games. But METROID – History of a Legendary Franchise by MarcTheCyborg does just that in good measure. The video is extremely approachable, which is perfect for series newcomers who want to dig into the franchise because Dread got them curious. Take a look:

METROID – History of a Legendary Franchise is a must watch for hardcore Metroid fans.

The video starts off with a brief history of Nintendo as a game maker before jumping headfirst into the Metroid series. Starting with Metroid of course. MarcTheCyborg then takes on each game in the series chronologically all the way up to Metroid Dread. Nothing is left out. Which means He even goes into some of the interesting side-games and offshoots like Metroid Prime Pinball and Metroid Prime: Federation Force.

What’s very interesting about METROID – History of a Legendary Franchise, aside from its amazing depth on the entire series, is that it is not afraid to discuss fan games. AM2R is even given its own entire section in the video. This makes for some really interesting viewing. Especially since AM2R is not as well known in the mainstream (i.e. outside of hardcore Metroid fandom) with the developer having been serviced a cease and desist by Nintendo.

The video seems to be doing well, surpassing MarcTheCyborg’s expectations by quite a lot. His initial goal was ten thousand views. As of this writing, the video has surpassed forty thousand.

So if you don’t have a lot of plans this weekend, take a little time to give this video a watch. It is pretty long, clocking in at an hour and forty-five minutes. But worth it, I assure you. It’s a well done little gem for fans of the series and maybe even more for newcomers who discovered it thanks to Metroid Dread.

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