Osman is an arcade platformer developed by Mitchell Corporation and released in arcades in 1996. Since its release it has never seen any sort of re-release or port. It looks like that is going to change in 2023. It’s been announced that the game is going to be ported to both Switch and PS4 sometime in 2023. The port is going to be released by ININ Games who has also just released a trailer for the game. Check it out below.

Osman’s development team apparently consisted of several ex-Capcom staff. Among these was Kouichi Yotsui, who served as the games designer and director. Yotsui was the designer for the arcade version of Strider and Osman was designed as an unofficial sequel or spiritual successor to Strider.

Osman’s setting is a futuristic neon-lit Arabian world with a cyberpunk theme. This set the game apart from both its predecessor and just about any other arcade title at the time. Like Strider however the game is a 2D action platformer and shares many other gameplay characteristics introduced in Strider.

I’m honestly surprised Osman has remained as obscure as it has been all these years. Especially given the pedigree of those involved in its development and design. I have heard a lot about the game over the years but have never had a chance to play it. It looks like that’s going to change next year!

[Source: Konami via Gematsu]

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