Cherry Audio is a music instrument maker known for their soft-synths (software-based synthesizers). Their diverse range of synthesizer plugins are widely used by musicians around the world. The company just announced its new upcoming synthesizer via an ad that has some familiar tropes. Take a look:

The ad is clearly very inspired by Blade Runner. And so is the synthesizer itself by the sounds of it. If you listen to the music as it comes into focus at the end of the ad, you will hear what sounds like lost tracks from the Blade Runner score composed by Vangelis himself. Only it’s not, of course. And I freaking love it.

Over a year in the making, Cherry Audio’s flagship synthesizer arrives from off-world on *Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022*, at 10 am Pacific Standard Time.


Cherry Audio is calling this upcoming synth their flagship product. And according to the above ad, it is going to “replicate the greatest synthesizer of all time.” I find this very interesting. I am not a musican (though I have dabbled over the years) so I don’t know what synthesizer this is referring to. But it sounds like this upcoming synth is going to emulate it. And this makes me tempted to buy it and play around with it myself.

The genius minds at Cherry Audio clearly know what they’re doing with software synthesizers but we have to give huge props to their marketing department as well. I have to give credit where credit’s due. The “flagship” synth is set to be released on November 22nd if you are interested in getting it.

[Source: matrixsynth]

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