Killtopia, the stylish ultra-violent cyberpunk comic from author/creator Dave Cook is on it’s fifth and final installment. This volume, as in the previous four, is being funded via Kickstarter. Killtopia Volume 5’s Kickstarter page is now live. As of the writing of this article, the comic is already past the halfway point for funding.

The first Killtopia volume was funded back in March of 2018 and introduced the world to a violent yet high-concept storyline with memorable characters and wild art design. The series has since been a success having successfully funded the subsequent volumes. Killtopia Volume 5 seems poised to continue the tradition of the Killtopia universe while also saying goodbye to it for now, sadly.

This campaign is for the fifth and final Killtopia book – a 55-page epic finale that completes our story of Mech hunters in Neo Tokyo.  We’re running this campaign to help us fund production of the book, including art, colouring, lettering and printing. With your help, we’ll ship in June 2023.


If the Kickstarter for Killtopia Volume 5 is sucessful, which seems pretty likely, the creators aim to have the comic in your hands by June of 2023.

A Page from Killtopia Volume 5 from its Kickstarter page proudly displaying it’s chaotically beautiful art style.

It’s hard to believe that the fifth and final volume of Killtopia is on its way. It seems like it hasn’t been very long at all since we got our first taste of the delightfully abysmal gore that Neo Tokyo had to offer.

If Killtopia Volume 5 being the final entry in the series makes you sad, not to worry. Dave Cook has another comic series called BPM: Beatdowns Per Minute. BPM takes place in the same universe as Killtopia, albeit in the past of that world.

Killtopia Volume 5 won’t be the last you see of the series. It’s being adapted into an animated TV series as well. The series is being developed by California-based startup Voltaku. So that’s something to keep an eye out for.

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