UK music producer and synth wizard State Azure has released a striking cover of the main theme from The Terminator. This is the latest cover of a classic electronic music track by the artist, who is known for crafting modern electronic ambient music that calls back to the classic Berlin school music of the 70’s and 80’s.

The Terminator by State Azure

State Azure’s cover of the iconic theme from The Terminator is an accurate callback to the original song, which was created by composer Brad Fiedel for the first Terminator film. Listening to this track had me seeing scenes from the movie in my head immediately. Which was delightful!

The song can be purchased from State Azure’s Bandcamp page for the single. If you’re a synth nerd and want to get a glimpse of a live composition of the song, you’re in luck. He has uploaded that to his YouTube channel as well:

Prior to the theme from The Terminator, State Azure also created covers of various songs from beloved media franchises, including Blade Runner with 2022’s release of Rachel’s Memoir on which he covered the songs “Rachel’s Song” and “Memories of Green.”

He’s also released several covers of songs by Berlin school heroes Tangerine Dream, whose work has been heavily influential on so many who have gone on to create some of the best electronic cyberpunk music.

It’s not all covers however. The majority of State Azure’s music is original compositions, and all of it really fantastic. You can check him out via his Bandcamp page. There is a lot of music on offer there for people who are into cyberpunk, future-dystopian, and tech-noir media.

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