About Cyberpunk Gamer

Cyberpunk Gamer is a blog covering cyberpunk and cyberpunk-adjacent games, media, entertainment, and culture from all eras of the genre’s existence. While our focus is on gaming, we also endeavor to bring you the latest news, reviews, and features on all works in the genre including those from movies, tv shows, music, books, comics, and more.

What We Cover

  • Gaming – cyberpunk is everywhere in gaming and has been for some time now. From small indie games to big AAA blockbuster-types. And there is also quite a bit in the retro gaming scene as well. Our love of gaming is clearly the biggest thing that led us to make this site to begin with.
  • Books and Literature – this is an obvious one. Cyberpunk was born through literature, and arguably where it thrives best to this day next to video games. So it makes sense that we would cover books.
  • Comics – Comics deserve their own special place here because there are so many great ones between major published works and especially indie creators who are making some of the most innovative cyberpunk today.
  • Film and Television – there is quite a lot to discuss in film and television, especially when you take anime into consideration. Which we do. Of course.
  • Technology and Culture – the ‘real life’ cyberpunk that makes us feel all jittery with excitement. Or jittery with fear and dread. Either way, this is where we talk about technology that was once confined to cyberpunk media and how our culture interacts with it by comparison.
  • Music – cyberpunk themes have been around in music for decades now and there is so much that could be considered when discussing the cyberpunkery of music. So the music we discuss will tend to be for soundtracks of other media properties, or things that have a direct and unmistakable cyberpunk theme or influence.
  • Art and Photography – Visual art is another area where cyberpunk has continuously thrived over the years. There are so many amazing artists both major and indie. We’re here to celebrate as many of them as we can.

How We Cover It

  • News – we curate news from all the best sources all over the web so that you can have a one stop shop for cyberpunk news right here. We also take news tip submissions from you, the reader.
  • Reviews – we have a lot to say about the things we like and our reviews section is where you’ll see all of our very nice commentary on the media we consume.
  • Features – in-depth, long-form articles about topics we feel passionate enough about to write in-depth, long-form articles for. These could be history lessons, deep dives, listicles, etc.
  • Editorials – for those rare times when we have a particularly strong opinion on something and want to state that opinion, damn the consequences.
  • Blog – this is where we will post site updates as well as personal thoughts and insights

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You can also support us by sending us news or suggesting an article topic. You’ll be given full credit for your submission in the article when it is posted (just let us know what name or nickname you would like us to use in your email). If you’d like to send us a tip, shoot us an email at tips@cyberpunkery.com.

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For general inquiries you can contact us at info@cyberpunkery.com.